2011 Media League Weekly (9) Communications 
Posted by: Wowk
Monday, July 04, 2011

Week 9: The week before the All Star (Stampede) Break

Definition:  The short break in the season where teams are evaluated, players called up from the minors, trades made, panic sets in, and chokes begin!

Those of you that follow baseball as closely as I do, know that the All-Star/Stampede Break is a time of evaluation for most teams and midterm report cards are given. Following this train of thought, here is one man’s opinion of the 1st half grades for Media League teams from 1st to last in the standings:

Deep Ballz: What can you say about the 1st place team that the standings don’t already say? No losses, 11 more home runs than their closest rivals, lowest runs against in the league and corresponding biggest run differential. The stats speak for themselves, Deep Ballz is on a tear and has July 26th circled boldly on their calendars. Scorecard: A+

Mo Fuggers: Almost as impressive stats as the 1st place squad, with only 1 loss and a couple minor scares. Second lowest runs against and a high run differential are the keys to a solid second place standing. Interesting to see the second half results now that everyone has seen their line-up….pitchers always get hit harder the 2nd time through the batting order. Scorecard: A+

Shaw Rats: Biggest turn around before the break. After stumbling a little out of the blocks, the Rats have risen to third place. A streak of high scoring outputs has risen them from the lower half of the standings. No home runs and the 2nd most runs against in the league has teams wondering if they are doing it with smoke and mirrors or if they are for real. Scorecard: A-

Riggers: On a little bit of a slide lately, but still in 4th. Over the last few years the Riggers have been solidly implanted in the top half of the standings. The second most runs for, albeit with a couple games more than some, and solid runs against is the reason why they remain one of the more consistent squads in the league. Scorecard: B

Access: Last year’s league champions have stumbled their way into the break losing 2 of their last 3, and 3 of their last 5. With already more losses than last year, their 5th place in the standings is a bit of a surprise. Still, a solid run differential and low runs against have them strong candidates to make a second half rise in the standings. Scorecard: B-

Orinoco: From humble beginnings in the Media League, our Latin American friends have also become one of the more consistent teams in the league. Decent runs against and the ability to score when needed, Orinoco is well positioned to be a strong contender come playoff time. They enter the week before the break on a high with a sound trashing of team Access last week….I am sure the party is still continuing!  Scorecard: B

City TV: After a fast start, City TV is struggling a little. Line-up inconsistency and quite a few runs against has them tied with Orinoco for 6th at .500. With lots of offense though, they are also a candidate to make a second half rise back towards the top of the standings. A very good improvement from last year’s regular season still has them with a good 1st half grade. Scorecard: B

Original Crushers: A couple really good week’s after a slow start has the Crushers sitting just below .500. Winners in 3 of their last 4 games has the squad one of the hottest teams coming into the break. Low runs scored and a high negative in run differential are a serious concern, but with momentum on their side, they have high hopes for a good second half. Scorecard: C+

Sticky Mitts: A bit better lately, but roster inconsistency and losing some close games has the Mitts in the bottom half of the standings for the 1st time since entering the Media League. Positive signs are a low runs against total and good run differential so hopefully the second half of the season will lead to a better position in the standings. Scorecard : D

Who’s on 1st: Help is needed in one area….consistency! Definitely a different team from 2010 as seen by improvements in runs against and run differential, only small steps are required to become a .500 club. With quite a few games in the 2nd half, an upward move would not be a surprise. Looking for a push towards the playoff weekend. Scorecard: C+

Beer FM: After a good first few weeks, Beer FM has been in a serious slide. Low runs scored and high runs against will do that! But with good coaching, leaderships, and of course Beer, the prospects for a better second half are good. Focusing on the playoff this year, Beer FM is priming themselves to peak post season. Scorecard: C-

Flaming Moose: Who could have seen this coming? Always at worst a mid-pack team, the Moose are struggling mightily both at the plate and in the field. Everyone is expecting a return to form over the upcoming weeks, especially after the many tasks of organizing the Broadcasters tournament are behind them. They are also a team poised for improvement come playoff weekend. Scorecard: D

Some good matchups this week before the break with Deep Ballz versus Shaw, Orinoco versus the Mo Fuggers and the Riggers versus Shaw. The weather man is cooperating with a sunny/hot forecast so looking forward to some great games!

Have a fun Stampede everyone!

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