2011 Media League Weekly (7) Communications 
Posted by: Wowk
Friday, June 17, 2011

Week 7: Redemption!

Definition: The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil: "God's plans for the redemption of his world".

There were many sins, evils, and errors that a teams were saved from During week 7. I am pretty sure that the results of “most” of the games last Tuesday show God’s plans for how the 2011 Media League season will unfold as the year continues!

Let’s start with the comeback team of 2011…..City TV. After two wins in all of 2010’s regular season, they squeaked out their 5th win of the season with a 7-6 win over Orinoco. They still are homer-less….but a win is a win is a win. Orinoco is staging a comeback season of their own! After a 6-14-1 2010 season…they are just under .500 this year and their losses have been close ones. I have a feeling that they will be heard from during the newly formatted 2011 playoff weekend. With Orinoco looking after the Playoff tournament administration this year, we all need to brush up on our Spanish to be able to decipher the new rules they may try to implement!

Next, a team that is in the process of putting together back to back strong seasons. The Riggers were for sure the comeback team of 2010 posting a strong 13-4-1 regular season record. This season, they are out to prove that it was no fluke by continuing their strong start dismantling the Mo Fuggers 15-11. The Mo’s will spend their first weekend out of top spot in the standings, and it will be interesting to see how they respond when they face another perennial top squad next week in Access.

Speaking on Access, they suffered a 2nd loss of the season dropping a tight game 13-11 to Deep Ballz. Maybe age is finally starting to creep up on the Access squad that sports more silver in their hair than most women have in their jewelry boxes! I have a feeling next’s week game between the Fuggers and Access will be an intense one….neither team will want to lose back-to-back games.

Deep Ballz is looking almost unstoppable this year! With a run differential of +32 and only a an opening week tie against Shaw as a blemish against a perfect record, they are sure to be a threat come playoff time. The addition of two left handed females has bolstered an already strong female line-up…and their guys…well they continue to hit home runs at a scary pace….leading the second place Fuggers 15-4. Next weeks tilt versus City TV should give the league a strong indication to see if City TV has climbed all the way back to the top!

A team on the move in the standings are the Shaw Rats. Two wins out of their last three games and a tie against Deep Ballz has Shaw working its way back towards the top half of the standings. A 12-9 win over Beer FM had team captain Todd Thachuk all smiles. I heard comments of a sweep promised during the media scrum after Tuesday’s games. I can only guess Todd was speaking of this week’s upcoming double header against the Moose and City TV….did he actually just provide those two teams with bulletin board material??? Did he not learn from Luongo???

The Original Crushers got their maiden win of the 2011 season with a  9-5 win over Who’s on 1st. They were in the middle of holding an Epic celebration in the Optimist parking lot when they were interrupted by a SWAT officer asking for a beer….and Margaret asking the Officer if that was really a gun….I am trying my best to keep this a family friendly write-up series! Website’s are now being scanned and pictures being matched against the Crushers team photos to see if any of their players continued the celebration all the way to Vancouver and game 7……

Beer FM found some tough sledding on the diamonds last Tuesday. First they had a tough time getting out of the blocks against the Mitts, and then suffered a tight loss to Shaw. Their match up next week against Who’s on 1st is an important one for both teams that started off the season on a high note, but are now in need of a slump-breaking win. Who’s on 1st is still playing well defensively, but their bats have gone silent after their opening week 22 run outburst.

The Flaming Moose are the only team remaining without a win this season, suffering a loss against the Mitts this week. I have a feeling that they might have received the inspiration they needed from Shaw’s Team captain to help them enter the win column next week. I am sure the Moose are also suffering from a little of the Broadcast Tournament Organizing Team jinx…it is taking away from their batting cages time.

Last but not least, this was truly Redemption Week for the Sticky Mitts. Two strong wins, the return of their bats, and some appearances from the Flying Wallendas in the outfield had the Mitts feeling a little bit of the form that has allowed them to reach at least the semi finals in all three years playing in the Media League. There is a long way to go and they will get a test from The Crushers next week, unless the Crusher’s celebration hangover has not disappeared by then.

One final comment for the week. It is great to see a few teams using the stats and adding their players to the Media League Website. The Sticky Mitts and Mo Fuggers are leading the way by keeping batting averages. True to form…Deep Ballz is only tracking…yes, you guessed it…Home runs! J  It is interesting to see that Access has names entered and are tracking home runs…but only 1 person with batting averages and other stats….our egotistical past President Steve Wowk! Seriously Steve…is anyone auditing those entries? Two Home Runs?? Another highlight in the stats standings is the Mo Fuggers Terry Cuzner with an incredible .947 batting average in 19 at bats…nice start Terry!

Some great games on tap next Tuesday and so far a decent looking forecast. See you all on the diamonds!

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