2011 Media League Weekly (5) Communications 
Posted by: Wowk
Friday, June 03, 2011

Week 5 topic….Desperation!

The definition of Desperation:   A state of despair, typically one that results in rash or extreme behaviour. 

Desperation can be a funny thing. One can act desperate, make a desperate attempt, or make changes in desperation. When it comes to slow pitch though….desperation can be a sick feeling! As you sink lower in the standings, losing streaks pile up, and team moral gets lower….there is only one solution…..an INTERVENTION! Anyone wanting to see a really desperate act can show up at the diamonds on Tuesday night as the Mitts have an intervention to cure their slumping bats! It was painful last week watching the still in first place Mo Fuggers hit solidly around diamond 5….yet the Mitts struggled to scratch out any runs.

For this intervention, there will many famous spiritual leaders…..this kind of slump can only be overcome with the help of the Dalai Lama…a descendant from the Martin Luther King family….Billy Graham and we are still trying to arrange a flight for Pope Benedict! If there seem to be some flames and excess smoke in Optimist Park at around 5:30 that night….please ignore it unless you see our Red jerseys running from diamond 9…at that point, feel free to dial 911.

There are a few teams on the opposite end of the scale! After yet another win, the Mo Fuggers carry a perfect 5-0 mark heading into a week 6 double header. Deep Ballz also remain undefeated at 4-0-1 after sweeping a double header allowing only a combined 4 runs. Team Access is starting to round into form with a strong win this past week. The Riggers had their ace on the mound in a 9-0 win over the Crushers…..Crushers feel free to join us in the bat invention ceremony. City TV continues their rebound regular season with a come from behind win over the Moose. Although they continue homerless….their team philosophy of singling teams to death seem to be working! And rounding out the top half of the standings, Orinoco comes off a split last week to sit at 3-3 and Beer FM lost their only game of the night and falls to .500 also at 2-2.

In the…..ahem…..”other” half of the standings, Shaw got their first win of the year sneaking past Orinoco by a single run. Who’s on 1st is still basking in the glory of their 1st week win over the Mitts….get over it Who’s, it might become common place!!! The Crushers, Flaming Moose, and the Sticky Mitts….well to put it bluntly…we all need to find some chemistry and win…..jobs are on the line! Inspirational speeches are sure to be delivered Tuesday night….our fearless leader Scott Jenkins has been working on his for two days now. We are not ready to call for a non-confidence vote yet, but one more loss and the thought could gain more momentum (sorry for borrowing from a previous week’s write up J).

One question to the team managers….are we all recording home runs lol? Did Softball Calgary deliver Wiffle balls instead of softballs? Looking at the standings, only 3 teams have hit home runs over the fence. Our team can barely score runs let alone hit any homers, but is everyone else suffering the same power outage?

Week seven provides another full slate of games. Teams with double headers include the Riggers, Mo Fuggers, Crushers, and City TV. Based on the standings, the game of the night should be the first place Mo’s versus City TV in the late game on diamond 7….but I have a feeling the Riggers and the Mitts might be an emotional affair also.

Have a good weekend everyone, see you on the diamonds Tuesday night!

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