2011 Media League Weekly (3) Communications 
Posted by: Wowk
Friday, May 20, 2011

Week three topic: Momentum

Momentum, or “Mo” from here on, is a strange and fickle thing. One game your team has it, next game good ole Mo has deserted you. Now some teams believe Mo is with you all year long…and to those people….God I hope you are wrong this year! There are also people who say Mo never returns when it leaves….and to that I say “Look at the city of Winnipeg”! If the rumors turn out to be true and they get a hockey franchise back in people will see what momentum can look like.

First off….we have the “Mo” Fuggers. I think it is unfair that they have the word Mo in their team name….but it is true they have it on their side right now! A 4-0 start…..reminds me of the good old days when the Sticky Mitts first came to the Media league….sigh. It will be interesting to see if Mo continues on their side  the next two weeks as a couple tough opponents are coming to call.

Next, we have the Mo of Deep Ballz….now this could turn into an “R” rated paragraph….but since this is a family write up…let’s just say Mo was on their side last week in the form of incredible defense! That had to be one of the quickest 7 inning games in slow pitch history…a true 5-4 pitchers duel. An undefeated team must still have Mo in its corner after a second game win against Orinoco.

Speaking of Mo…what is up with Beer FM? The last time they had a record above .500 Trudeau was PM wasn’t he? Not that I am old enough to remember Pierre….I am thinking of his son Justin. A 2-1 start, interesting to see if Mo stays on their side through the end of May. Maybe it is the lack of Beer on the sidelines or that the whole team has taken inspiration from Dave Roe and his fitness regime.

Team Access almost had the Mo ripped right out of them, but came from behind to nip the Moose by a run. Access has had Mo in its corner for quite a while now….but those Orange socks are starting to lose their elasticity, I feel they will be dropping soon.

The Riggers and City TV staged a game where Mo didn’t know what sideline to stand on! City TV made a great late run only to come up on the short end of a 23-22 score. I guess they really took offense to my week 1 comments about silent bats, scoring 52 runs in their last three games. See even a weekly write up can change a team’s Mo…..

Who’s on 1st was due for a bounce of their Mo after a week one win over the Mitts. Orinoco decided Mo is a fan of the Latin American style of Slo-Pitch, and of course many other beautiful things from that part of the world, and came away with the win. But both teams are still struggling to see if Mo is really on their side or just popping by for the occasional visit.

Finally…there are 4 teams in serious need of a Momentum switch….and a win! The Team Captains of Shaw, The Flaming Moose, The Original Crushers and of course the lowly Sticky Mitts are incorporating rabbit’s feet, crosses, four leaf clovers, and horse shoes into next week’s game plans. The month of May is rapidly flying by and there is still a big 0 in the win column of all four! The good news is at least 2 of the 4 will have wins after this week….the Mitts play Shaw and the Moose play the Crushers.

Interesting to see who’s sidelines good ole Mo sits on this Tuesday night….or if Mo chooses to side with the wrath of mother nature! Unfortunately the forecast is not looking great at this point.  

Have a safe long weekend everyone!

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