1. Length of Game and Start times:


Game length is 7 innings. No new inning is to begin after 1 hour 15 minutes. Game time begins at the start of the home plate meeting between team Captains and the Umpire. 1st game 6:15, 2nd game 7:45 with a 5 minute grace period. If tied at the end of 7 innings, play extra innings (international rule) until winner is declared, only if time permits. If time limit/darkness comes before a full inning can be played, game is a tie. If rain/darkness becomes a factor, a completed game is 5 innings. If home team leading after 4 ½ innings, the game is considered complete. 5 runs maximum per team/per inning - unlimited runs in declared last inning. Refer to Rule 23 for 5 run maximum clarification. There is no mercy rule in Media League play.


Field Cancellation: The City of Calgary and/or the Umpires can cancel games on the spot if they feel the field has become a safety hazard. If games are cancelled due to field conditions becoming unplayable/unsafe, please advise League executive the next day so diamond refunds can be requested.


Points: Standings will be determined by winning percentage. No points will be awarded. In the case of a tie the team records against each other will take precedent. If the teams are still tied, the team with the highest run differential will be deemed the higher seeding.


2. Game Day Lineups: 


Teams can field a maximum 10 players with a minimum of 3 females. Teams must field a minimum of 8 players with at least 2 being female to avoid a default. If a team has only 2 females, an auto out will be somewhere in the lineup.


3. Extra Players: 


Batting Lineups are 10, 11 or 12 players. If batting 10 players there must be a minimum of 3 women. If batting 11 or 12 players there must be a minimum of 4 women.


If batting 11 or 12 players and a player is injured and unable to continue with no substitute available you must revert back to 10 players (with a minimum 3 women).


4. Substitutions: 


If you take a starting player out, he/she may go back in the game one more time, and must replace their own substitute in the batting order, but may play anywhere defensively. A substitute player, once taken out of the game may not go back into the game. A player does not have to play a defensive position before batting.


5. Pinch Runner: 


Pinch runners will be allowed at 1st base, (male for male or female for female), who are either injured during the game or identified at the home plate meeting as needing a runner from 1st to participate in a safe manner. The pinch runner must be the furthest male or female away from their next at bat.


6. Lead Off:


No lead off is allowed, however the anticipation rule will be in effect. If the batter swings at the ball completely missing it, the runner will not be called out for leaving the base after the pitched ball crosses the leading edge of the plate. The runner will return to the base and play resumes.


7. Stealing:


No Stealing bases.


8. Third Strike Rule:


Third strike foul is an automatic out. If third strike foul is caught, it is LIVE and in play. Runners, after tagging up, may advance at their own risk.


9. Bunting:


Females only will be allowed to bunt at any point during the game.


10. Female Following a Male:


A male batter who is followed by a female in the batting order who is walked without being thrown a strike will be awarded second base. Female following must bat.


11. Commitment Line:


A commitment line will be used in all games. The line will be on the third base line 21 feet from home plate. It will extend from the base line to the back stop. When a runner going from third to home crosses the commitment line she/he cannot go back to third unless they need to tag up for a fly ball. In all other circumstances they are committed to go to home plate.


12. Play at Home Plate:


Home plate will be a force play. The catcher must be in contact with the plate and in control of the ball, before the runner's foot touches the ground behind the safe line. The safe line will start from the front left corner of the plate and extend to the back stop. Tags are not allowed at any time behind the commitment line. If a runner is tagged they will be called safe.


13. Pitched Ball:


A pitched ball must have a minimum arc of 6 feet from the ground to a maximum 12 feet.


14.   Game Balls: 

Home team is to supply one NEW game ball. Away team to supply one good used game ball. League supplied balls only.


15. Equipment Restrictions:


No metal spikes/cleats.


16. Umpires:


The umpire is the absolute and final authority of the game. Team captain and/or coach is the ONLY person who discusses anything with the umpire. At the umpire's discretion a player/fan can be ejected from the game due to arguments, fighting, abusive and/or foul language, etc., and the offending team can be penalized with loss of the game. Players/teams that are in violation can be banned from future play in any game and/or league upon decision between Umpire's Association, Calgary Softball Association and Media League Executive.


17. Over the fence Home Run Rule:


No team shall hit more than 5 over the fence home runs per game. The home runs can be hit at any time including bottom of the 7th inning or the last inning called by the umpire due to time constraints. Any additional over the fence home run is considered an out. Teams are responsible to track and report both team's home run totals with the final game score. Walk off H.R. encouraged.


18. Pregnancy:


All Calgary Media League players who are pregnant at any time during the softball season must declare, in writing, their pregnancy to the Calgary Media League Team and the Calgary Media League President. In order to participate in the Calgary Media League during pregnancy, the pregnant individual must comply with the following two items;


A: Provide a current doctor's note identifying the pregnant individual's ability to continue playing softball


B: Sign a release waiver, releasing the Calgary Media League, its agents and officers from liability.


19. Five Run Differential Rule:


Teams may only be go up by a maximum of 5 runs over the opposing team in any inning but the last inning (unlimited). A trailing team may score as many runs as they need to end up a maximum 5 runs ahead of the other team. Teams may only score a maximum of 5 runs in an inning that they start out tied or ahead of the opposing team.


20. The league will follow Softball Canada rules with respect to allowable bats with the exception that USSSA 2013 stamped bats will be permitted. The umpire is the final authority on bats.


Note: If the umpire is a no show, immediately call Sandy Helmer at 587-254-9544.


Select an umpire from your own teams, preferable an individual who has prior CSUA training and play the game. Please also inform the Media League President by email so that the league can receive a credit.


The game outcome will count in the standings.

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